Artificial Intelligence: My latest obsession

I’d Like to see my very own Bot’s name in here, someday !

I have developed a sudden interest in Artificial Intelligence these days. From a long time, i was hoping to find a particular stream of my interest, in the field of computer science. Well,now it seems that I am close to finding one ! Good for me, because I am likely one of those few people, who develop interest in whatever new they find out (obviously the subject of interest has to be a good one), and then after going through a lot of such ‘subjects’, they find themselves in a situation where they have a lot (of choices) but actually HAVE NONE (perfection).
I hope you get it ! I don’t want to become a Jack-of-all-trades-but-perfect-in-none. Rather, it would look nice if one has knowledge about everything, while mastery in something….
Moreover, since AI is also related to ‘Perception’ (of a machine), which includes topics such as facial/hand/body gesture recognition and object tracking technology, which again interests me a lot. Hence, No doubt it is my newly found love !
Hope I continue my journey in this area.

May the source be with you ! 



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