The enigmatic state of mind

Sometimes i marvel at the thought of ‘Doomsday’. So, does it even arrive or is it the paralysis of analysis that has caught me wondering a lot more about it?

Then suddenly i prefer not to waste my time thinking about this, now because of 2 specific reasons that just popped up in my mind – First, if it were to happen, i.e, “The day of the Last Judgment” as they say, then i should be doing some real productive work or something that makes me feel happy, given the prognostication that we’re all gonna die. Secondly, now if the prophecy were spurious, I and every other person on this planet, would have to live our daily lives anyways. so why not work according to a plan. So these were my thoughts yesterday. today i saw and experienced things that again changed my viewpoints. so again am thinking. I wish i could have a perfect control over my mind and work according to a plan, indifferent to public opinions and happenings that mostly get me confused.

This much told, i now shift the scenario to my academics. or rather, this field i work in, Computer Science. One day i end up thinking – “Oh Yeah ! Am definitely gonna go for this project”. and next, i hear about a completely different technology about which i am now interested to know more. I then sit down trying my hands on the newly found programming language and then gradually my interest dies slow death in the initial project i thought about working on. and then the new programming language too seems boring and i drop the idea of using both and start fresh with something else. All this stacks up in my mind only to mess with it further.

“The Paradoxical situations”


Again, shifting the scenario to my hostel life. Okay i receive some news from a corner of this world, that “Hey! Android Key Lime is gonna get released next year” “Hey, Nexus 10 leaked images are online” “Hey kernel updates are available” “Hey ! blablabla!” .. i am so excited that i open 10 tabs and eventually end up multitasking. i have a mail to be read, i am listening to music (and sorting my library at the same time), i am answering people entering and leaving my room, i have new links on my webpage that i wanna check out, i’m eating snacks.. all this begins and 2 hours: gone.

Hence i conclude this post with : .. .. .. .. . . . . . . Okay, i quit!

Well, i just wanted to write some stuff. its been days since i posted something 😛
However i’m thinking of putting my works and projects online soon. Till then, sayonara :]


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