2012: What an year for Linux

The developmental and usage heights achieved for Linux, during the year 2012, were incredible. Hope the coming year adds more feathers to the Red Hat 😉

“The Linux operating system is the fastest growing platform across multiple industries and is inspiring new projects every single day. Join us as we review this amazing year and celebrate Linux and its global community of developers, contributors and sponsors.”
For more information about Linux, please visit http://www.linuxfoundation.org and http://www.linux.com


Operation system market share based on sales on new devices of 2012:
1. Android Linux 42%
2. Apple systems 24%
3. Windows 20%
4. Other 14% (including many other Linux distributions)

If we take the last quarter of 2012, then, Android Linux got some 49% (over 70% of mobiles, mobiles taking 70% of all devices)


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