The Wishlist

Over the time i have realized that i wish i had a set of ‘things’ in life, things which are not ‘skills’ or something ‘abstract’, but things that i wished since my childhood and have been adding up to the stack, that’d be making me happier and maybe, I’d feel satisfied 🙂 Hence, the compiled list is as follows:


  • The Metallica ‘Death Magnetic’ Skateboard Deck

  • A 12-string standard electric guitar [ “I’ll rock the world like you’ve nevver-evver seen! ” ..said in a tone similar to that of Leonard Hofstadter 😀 ]

  • A serious, decent tech built by myself. Like the Iron Man’s armor [yeah don’t laugh.. seriously, every other guy wants that]

    Update: The kickstart – This guy made it possible ! /,,/_

  •            <something I’ll add here later on>



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