The World – is your oyster?

EDIT (4 years later): I’ve had it with these thoughts I’ve expressed in the post below. When I pinned them down, I think I might’ve been confined in my head space for far too long. Amazes me at how much time I’d while away at something I can’t do much about and the answers to which, I guess we would find out in a few decades anyway 😉 Onwards. Peace out. _\//

CAUTION: These thoughts have killed some very delightful moments of my past. Read at your own risk, for they might hurt your head 🙂

Some call the philosophers crazy; Others.. well they are fellow philosophers.

I have constantly searched for the origins behind the truths that govern each day of our lives. So to speak, I wish I knew the answers to following questions (btw, not having an existential crisis, but merely pondering over metaphysical aspects that govern our life):

  1. What is this world really about?
  2. Why is life existent?
  3. Are we yet another simulation? or an atom magnified into a solar-system?
  4. Why do we all believe that we have a purpose, to be fulfilled in a life-span and then begone?Image
  5. (no offense meant to anyone’s faith) – What is this entity – God, a deity that binds the multi-verses* together?
  6. This concept of ‘feelings’? Maybe there have been scientific explanations as to what chemical triggers what kind of behavior but still I’d like to know why does this ‘feeling’ exist? (not looking for philosophical answers but I’m afraid those might be the only ones) and hence the next question..
  7. Describe the word – ‘Human’. and be cautious, for each one of us carries examples and responsibilities from past and maybe we would set some, in future.
  8. Where are others alike/different from us [earthlings] ?

*multi-verses – Mind this word, for I don’t believe in a Universe but I speculate if we have different dimensions of ourselves living another life in yet another world but each one, somehow connected. #parallelism | Go Figure


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