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Creativity: 0 to 1 afterthoughts

Disclaimer: This isn’t an insinuating attempt at the way of lives. It’s just another musing.

A true hypocrite (who accepts the fact) and a faux hypocrite (try swapping the terms liar, genius, psycho, erudite, ..) may invariably define one’s character and attitude towards a problem. Cognizance of the concepts and related tools is a great thing, while not possessing the know-how and still being able to define the problem and proposing a few good solutions, is what I perceive as creativity (the generic notion). Getting to know existing solutions and eventually building upon them is great, but that – 0 to 1 – is what counts as discovery and invention. And that is the key to assessing one’s approach and the element of intuition.  That 0 to 1 is what gets you the early beginner’s advantage.



On the bulk of digital reactions: the Like buttons!

Foreword: It’s not as if I had nothing better to do at the moment. But this thought just struck me and I wanted to record it somewhere. Do read and react, if you want to. I can almost hear sarcasm floating around: “I bet you’re fun at parties”.


Like buttons are acknowledgments alright. But what use could they be of, if one is not able to smile/reply back to every individual ack? Do the numbers”50 favorites / 50,000 likes” really matter a lot? This thought is important if you ask me, since these reactions really have coaxed a lot of people around the world into doing crazy stuff, just for the likes. Guilty as charged, myself!