Imbecile Intellects. Or are they?

Quintessential musings of a non-locality believer:

Weird how the world works.

W is a curious guy. W works on it. W might end up being a connoisseur. W might not.

X wants to be happy. X works on it. X might give up. X might not.

Y wants to be rich. Y works on it. Y never gives up. Y might end up entrapped in that loop or Y might get rich.

Z wants to be recognized. Z is recognized. One way or another.

Then there’s A-V who are all kinds of variants of W, X, Y and Z.

W,X,Y & Z all start on different lines of destiny. But their paths might cross. Or they might not.

If they do, they might collaborate. They might not

If they don’t cross paths, they might end up wanting to acquire a skill that other one has. Or they might not.

This list is non-exhaustive. Or is it?

Life is uncertain. No one can make anything of it. Treat your life the way you want it. Law of attraction might work. Or it might not. The dots might connect. Or they might not.

Decisions are destined. Or are they?

I just wasted your time again. Or have I?


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