Month: February 2013

The System of entitlement to credit for a breakthrough

What is the degree/extent of the decision criteria, as to who all are entitled to receive a due credit for an invention/discovery/breakthrough?
Here’s a statement – Every matter in this world is related to one another. Our actions affect the very presence of another life-form;
“ is not uncommon for one philosopher to accuse another’s arguments of entailing solipsism as an unwanted consequence, in a kind of reductio ad absurdum..” #metaphysics



The World – is your oyster?

EDIT (4 years later): I’ve had it with these thoughts I’ve expressed in the post below. When I pinned them down, I think I might’ve been confined in my head space for far too long. Amazes me at how much time I’d while away at something I can’t do much about and the answers to which, I guess we would find out in a few decades anyway 😉 Onwards. Peace out. _\//

CAUTION: These thoughts have killed some very delightful moments of my past. Read at your own risk, for they might hurt your head 🙂

Some call the philosophers crazy; Others.. well they are fellow philosophers.