2012: What an year for Linux

The developmental and usage heights achieved for Linux, during the year 2012, were incredible. Hope the coming year adds more feathers to the Red Hat 😉



Firefox Developer Console

Firefox Developer Cosole

Recently, i tried out the developer console thats inbuilt in firefox-17 that i am using currently. I was very amazed and delighted when i used the ’tilt’ function in it. I mean just look at it! the structure is sweet! smooth and attractive as well..
*3D View of the webpage and its contents*

Control Your Computer With Sonar

Now this was some very cool app, that i stumbled upon while surfing the net.. !
When installed and configured, it uses your laptop microphone and speakers to detect whether you are sitting near the laptop or away from it, and when you move farther, at a  particular distace from the lappy, it performs the action that has been written in its source code, for example, turning off the screen, opening your cd drive OR even opening a website, all depends on how you configure the source code !