A little probe into the Facebook spam “Add plugin to update your browser”

——————————————  DISCLAIMER  —————————————————-

this research might contain sensitive data. Since all data has been exposed by the hacker, I take no responsibility, whatsoever for any kind of data. It was already publicly available.

Also, if some of my findings are wrong, it might be just be the case. I did this for the first time, was half asleep , and excited about my findings.

I am a student, and have nothing to hide (as a hacker). This was purely a research based chase up & academically driven curiosity. I never hosted any illegal data/code, never executed the script and never contacted anyone, whomsoever, may  have been involved in this spam.

If you feel some terms have been used inappropriately, please leave a reply, and I’ll correct them after reviewing the suggestion myself.


A note to the Frankenstein:

Hey hacker – Sorry for this (if you shall ever read it) But you just spammed through my friend’s account. And I was equally vulnerable. I was tagged on the fb post and then i found all this crap you made. Go find some clean methods of making money.
And you know what, It is my friend’s birthday today. And he had to apologize to all those tagged ( by all, i mean, a lot of people, he has more than 1000 friends ! )
So, deal with it.  I don’t know about the end results, but, you scoundrel ! burn.


*Pssss! hey friend, why you no have 10,000 friends? 😀